“Is this the 6:30?”

Today is an exciting day for us commuters. It’s the first day of the new train schedule!

Just in case you don’t know me, the above mentioned statement was meant to be sarcastic.

I don’t think I have OCD, however, I liked the joy of saying I take the train precisely at 6:30. A 6:30 train departure has a nice ring to it, kinda like gainful employment, all you can eat and civic holidays.

Still in the honeymoon phases of commuting, I say; “I catch the 6:30am train.”

And “catch” is a very loose reference. “Catching” implies some type of physical exertion.

Don’t get me wrong, I catch ball games (all the time), sarcasm and any object that’s being thrown at me, including wife beaters from Chippendales (a story for another day).

However, if you could see me boarding my train….I casually saunter. Picture the egotistical strut of Danny Zucco meeting an eager Baby from Dirty Dancing, cha-cha-ing her way along that rickety wooden bridge. (Was I the only one who wish she’d fall and need a neck brace?)

So that’s how it is! I board the train with gusto. I smile at my supporting cast members, fellow commuters who usually look like they are dead or in the process of dying.

Why am I so perky?

I do not take opportunity for granted.

I know what it’s like not having a job or a real reason to wake up. So I make the most of it.

I’ve been doing this commute every morning at 6:30.

As of this morning, my train is now 6:18.

Why? I’m not entirely sure. I think it’s the same reason roads and trees are cut up unnecessarily. Someway, somehow, somebody scores. How’s that for alliteration?

I get on my 6:18 train armed with my smart phone and optimism. It’s 6:18, the train leaves on time! We’re off to a great start, yes?

Approximately 7 minutes later, the train stops. We are waiting for a signal to proceed.

This “short delay” turns into 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Oakville GO station resembles the Cornucopia at the start of the Hunger Games, minus the weapons.

No one knows which track they need to go to, the screens are not updating, the reps at the service counter are pointing to the screens, and all the while I keep thinking; “Is it really terrible that I find this amusing and am not freaking out?”

I was never one for popular opinion, so why start now?

In short, my train that left the station 12 minutes early ended up making me 22 minutes late for work.

Just because some big shot from the hot dog company got together with some big shot from the bun company.(From Father of the Bride, one of my favourite flicks!)

I guess GO is the perfect pun. GO to sleep…GOod luck finding your train…GO and get a free hotdog because the people who made this decision clearly have the extra cash!

Hey, you’re already late for work, so you might as well have a snack.



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