Just be your selfie

If you know much about me, one quick scan of my Facebook photos (they’re public and you’re welcome) and you would see I enjoy a good selfie.

Equal parts narcissistic, egotistic and realistic, I own 3 selfie sticks.

Don’t judge.

They all serve different needs in my life.

Just like your 18 cats, 300 pairs of shoes and up sized double Big Mac meal with a Diet Coke.

I didn’t judge you, either.

You see, I started taking selfies long before they became a thing for Tyra Banks to exploit on America’s Next Top Model.

Long before these pop culture weapons of mass destruction would be confiscated at sporting events, I was a selfie queen.

I thought I invented the selfie.

I called it the self-portrait and would happily teach others how to work their angles, eliminate their chins and omit their respective chicken wings from the shot.

If you don’t know what that is, let’s chat after this post.

I’m not THAT popular; I know I can never break the Internet with my prose, but I can single handedly improve the aesthetics of Facebook.

One educated friend at a time.

I started taking self -portraits to prove I was at events.

As the designated  pro-bono photographer for just about everything,  I  wouldn’t be in many of the photos.

This role worked well for me, as I’m charismatic, outgoing, modest and thoughtful.

I have this talent of improving the fun factor of any event.

Seriously, I don’t even try.

Combined with my penchant for ADHD, and keen interest in open bars, this gig suits me well.

When you’re the DPB photographer, you can meet new people, strike up conversations, even make fun of the event organizers for not actually paying you.

You can also duck out and be “on the (fictitious) clock” when someone you just met discusses her breast feeding abnormalities.

Nonetheless, people started wondering if I actually had a family or was related to my siblings.

For the record, during the formative years, my siblings made me think I was adopted and had a tail, so I rarely denied being a single child.

When asked why I wasn’t in many photos, I realized it was a shame for others not to see me.

And I don’t trust others with Lidikon (my Nikon D7000) to take my picture, so the self-portrait was born.

Take that, Tyra!

Fast forward some years later, what I thought was a novelty birthday gift manifested into part of my brand.

Good to see I haven’t lost my touch with regards to communications propaganda!

I digress.

We can all learn from this pop culture phenomena called a selfie-stick.

Now because this blog is considered as edutainment, I will share some life lessons taken from the apparatus, the new selfie.

Be front and centre. In all that you do. Take ownership. Be accountable.

Be aware of others around you. Know who your friends are, and who you should throw under the train/bus/street car (yes, 600 words in and I made a reference to public transit!)

Know your angles. It’s hard to manipulate others if you aren’t aware of all sides of the situation. Or the photo.

Erase mistakes. If you make a mistake, erase it. If you do that with a selfie stick, delete it!

Chin up! Sometimes life will throw things at you that may not enjoy. Take it in stride. Keep your chin up and move forward as best as you can.

Besides, there’s nothing worse than having multiple chins on a selfie.


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