All Q’s and No A’s…

Why do people talk about work before work on the train?

Why do people talk about work after work on the train?

Why don’t I talk about work during these times? 

Am I wearing different shoes this morning?

Why does the Customer Service Ambassador sound so damn perky?

Is Aldershot truly the transportation hub Go Transit assumes it to be? 

Are they hoping it will be the “New Coke” of our generation? 

What the hell are they building at the Burlington station?                                        

Did they discover District 14?

Why is it called Appleby and not North Burlington?

If I ate an apple a day, would that keep the doctor away?

What if he was single? Am I missing an opportunity? 

If I married a Chief of Surgery, could I take our helicopter to work?

Would I have to sign a pre-nup? 

Why do all the annoying people board the train at Bronte?

Are they mad because they couldn’t afford to buy in Oakville?

Why is it called Clarkson and not Mississauga? 
Can we rename it to Jackson?

Would the Beatles be offended?
Can I get married in a fever? 

Does that mean with or without consent? 

If I stay in the train until Oshawa, will there be Pepper Sprouts upon arrival?

Whatever happened to my Walk the Line CD Soundtrack?

Why is it called Long Branch and not “Land of many Indigenous Shrubs?” 

Why do all hipsters think they’re not hipsters? 
Why kind of cars do the execs from Hot Dog and Bun Companies drive?

Do the “Out of Service” Go Trains hang out with each other after work?

Should I spend time with coworkers after work? 

Did I unplug my hair straightener?

Would the guy beside me freak out if I started commenting about the stories he’s reading on his newspaper?

Why don’t they play elevator music on the train? 

Is it because elevators are a superior mode of transportation?

Should I buy a Vespa? 

Should I get the one with a sidecar for the nieces and nephews?

How good is my selfie game, really?

Why do the people from Bronte prove me right every day?

Should I comment on the shoddy composition of this lady’s Instagram photos? 

Why is it when he announces the “connecting train” at Oakville, I detect a hint of amusement in his voice?

Does “we are just waiting for a signal to proceed” mean what I think it means?

Is it a tangible signal or something from above, depending on the operator’s religious beliefs? 

Is it worth switching banks just to get my iPad mini 2? 

So what if I have one?

Is it possible to write an intriguing blog post with all questions, no answers and one thumb?

Was that a rhetorical question?



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