Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

These are exciting times for Lidz on the Go…this post represents my first Westbound blog!

Two posts from me in one day. 

Lucky you.

I will wait the appropriate time so you can recover from this level of awesome.

I interrupted my daily ritual of fighting off sleep to share with you these simultaneous conversations.

I just overheard the following conversations, I kid you not, at the same time; 

At 10 o’clock;
“She’s disgusting. She might look good naked, but she has an awful personality and her face sucks.”
At 12 o’clock;
“I’m not here for dealing with clowns. We work for Client Services.”
At 6 o’clock;
“I don’t have time, I don’t have brain space, anywhere!”
I put on my Horatio sunglasses and try to solve the non-existent mystery.

Could these 3 conversations be connected?

Am I being punked? Where’s Ashton Kutcher?

Am I GOing to solve the mystery here? 

Even H would wince at that one.

The only correlation I can make is that these people communally share a lack of self-awareness.

Case closed.

I smirk at my wit. 

Here I am, stuck in the middle with fools. 


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