People Who Wear Gold Shoes…

…need to wear shiny shoes to compensate for their lacklustre personality.

…are equal parts honest, loyal, loud and fun.
…consider themselves the Olivia Pope of Career Development; the fixer of resumes and job seeker’s shoddy documentation.

…also consider themselves Mavericks, Pioneers, evil masterminds, and the inventors of innovation.

…are humble to a fault.

…enjoy the colour orange, not necessarily artificially flavoured orange things.

…can sing karaoke anytime.

…wonder if their 7 pairs of new shoes accurately reflect the seven multiple personalities they possess.

…wonder why the speakers on the Go Train don’t come with mute buttons.
…not so secretly want to end up in Oshawa and use that as a a plausible excuse for missing work for half a day.

…know that by posting this thought, the above mentioned statement shall remain as a concept.

…wonder why they would ever want to share food from this guy…

…assume the hipster police haven’t seen this poster yet, because vegan nation would be justifiably horrified.

…know when the zombie apocalypse hits, they will practice organic eating habits and eat the vegans.

…are easily amused by the lies the Customer Service Ambassadors say on a daily basis; i.e. “Good morning!” and “One minute until departure” and “last call for the doors”…

…enjoy telling Leaf fans their team hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967, when there were only 6 teams in the NHL.

…wonder why the “New Coke” signage has yet to be installed at Aldershot.

…create random food challenges without any regard to consequences, just so that their niece and nephew would be amused.

…contemplate why some people who enter the train from a certain entrance need to walk several minutes inside of the train to get to their destination.

…consider, is there an express portal most commuters are unaware of?

…shamefully enjoy the smell of Aqua Velva and Old Spice some male commuters (and female, we can’t be offensive!) spill on their torso before stepping into the train.

…enjoy Appleby station, but not nearly as much as the Customer Service Ambassador, who has announced “Appleby” like it was a rabid contestant from the Price is Right.

…are amused how every morning, at Bronte station, the same idiotic couple walk up to mid level train pergatory, look around, snort, and then go back to sit with the commoners.

…feel like this train is being overly aggressive this morning, with its twists and turns, like it can sense the apathy people have for it.

…realize they didn’t have their morning coffee, which might be affecting the severity of this blog.

…wonder if that guy who always flirts with the girl before boarding the Oakville (Panem) train will ever make a move.

…hope that the two alleged lovebirds aren’t first cousins.

…really want to ask the guy  where he bought his socks, but was caught staring at him, so now he made it awkward.

…also collect Guess Watches, Hats, Scraves, Pandora and Swarovski jewellery in addition to shoes, and do not see this as a problem.

…hide their credit card bill because they aren’t ready to have an open and honest conversation about their spending while on holiday.

…wonder if they get off at Port Credit, will this involve a lengthy, high interest application process?

…admire the people rowing themselves through the water.

One day these people will randomly drop dead for nothing.

At least my end will involve reading my credit card statement.

Leave my shoes on.

They’re modest and classy.

Just like their owner.


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