This morning, after a 2 hour nap, as I prepare for the day ahead, I have another song stuck in my money maker.

I used to think my life was comparable to a sit com. On any given day (that’s 24 hours for our daft readers) I can provide you with 22 minutes of sheer amusement.

And it’s a pretty funny episode too. I laugh at most of my own jokes so the canned laughter is not necessary.

If you could take elements from Friends, Full House, Who’s the Boss and Growing Pains, I have a pretty decent story line.

Like Coach, I’m also taped in front of a live studio audience. (I don’t know who would say this prior to each episode).

I mull this over and consider not laughing at my own jokes.

I just laughed.

That’s not going to happen.

These days, I suspect my life is more of a musical.

There’s elements of humour, drama, suspense and overall entertainment.

Every interaction can equate to a song in my head.

It helps that I’m reasonably introspective. I also like to over analyze things (ideas, concepts, theories in depth) drawing correlations that aren’t seemingly obvious.

That’s how we get our daily soundtrack.

If you’re saying something to me, I can likely find the perfect song to go with the dialogue.

If you’re lucky, it’s white noise.

If you’re not, it’s the only noise.

Granted, I teach people how to pretend to actively listen, so you likely won’t notice.

Moving along, the song I cannot seem to shake this morning is Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

It’s a slow, haunting ballad that I attempt to sing from time to time at karaoke.

I don’t even know why this song became the opening number for today’s musical, but the lyrics are as follows:

Something always brings me back to you                                                 

It never takes too long

No matter what I say or do

I’ll still feel you here ’till the moment I’m gone

You hold me without touch

You keep me without chains

I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love

And not feel your reign

Set me free, leave me be

I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity

Here I am, and I stand

So tall, just the way I’m supposed to be…


It’s the one element of energy that pulls all of us together.

It’s the atypical tie that binds us.

I mull this over.

I’m fairly convinced Albert Einstein wouldn’t approve of this theory of relativity bastardization.

I notice a correlation.

My lack of sleep directly correlates to these random, abstract thoughts, which further creates a catalyst for over analyzing existing theories and developing new ones.


I become more of a nerd when I’m tired.

I make a mental note to buy sleeping pills today.

And make fun of a bunch of people today so that order will be restored.

I digress.

Whether we choose to notice or not, gravitational pull is a massive part of our lives. Pun intended.

That said, I’m fairly convinced Sara Bareilles was not thinking about anything  beyond earth when crafting this song.

In her case, “gravity” could be a synonym for attraction or sphere of influence.

I mull this over.

Several questions ensue.

How do we get pulled into someone else’s Gravity?

Are there specific triggers that manifest inside us?

Is there some type of physics formula for reference?

Are our relationships pre-determined in some type of alternate universe and then actualized here?

At what point does the degree of gravitational pull vary?

When does “Gravity” turn into manipulation, depression or grief?

Would sending two conflicting parties in a spaceship cultivate some type of anti-Gravity conflict resolution?

I mull this over some more.

I picture a new musical set in space.

The stars of the show are dancing aliens and cameo appearances being made by Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

This reflection clearly proves I’m being delirious, and that my own gravitational pull towards reality this morning is questionable.

Hey, at least we know who would create the musical score.

I cannot wait to have Sara Bareilles thank me during her acceptance speech.

I’m so pleased she’s going to reference my blog.

Alternate reality indeed.


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