Isn’t it time your money made more of itself?

This morning, as I climb the steps toward my 6:18 green chariot, I notice a confused looking couple with luggage.

Not as confused as me. I still marvel that I take the stairs when there’s an elevator that’s always available.

They start to approach me.

Typically, I try to avoid eye contact with people who look like they want to ask me something, like Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, coworkers and my children.

Ok, that’s a lie. I don’t have children, but if I did, believe you me (what a stupid expression) they would feel unloved yet incredibly self-sufficient.

The man (a loose reference as he’s wearing skinny jeans, flip flops, a bicycle belt and cowering behind his wife) nudges her towards me.

The women asks “which one is the train to Union?”

In my head I say “Union?!! I hate Unions! I’m on contract!” but then I smile, big smile (remember when I do that, you make the blog) and let her know they both go to Union, and that the middle cart is the accessibility coach which is best for their luggage, and a lot more information that makes me realize I pay attention to Steve when he makes the announcements.

The couple is so pleased with me. I am too.

By the way, where IS Steve?! Why am I doing his job today?

As if on cue, he appears from the other side of the train with a coworker in toe.

I realize there’s some sort of training taking place.

As I walk past, new Steve starts to make an announcement.

Suddenly realizing that he might be replacing Steve, I stop right in front of him and give him a strong glare.

I already have to put up with Siri in Oakville, the last thing I want to do is deal with another new person.

Don’t get me wrong. I love change. As long as I’m prepared for it, it was my idea and doesn’t affect my quality of life.

Other people can be so rigid.

I digress.

Once Neve or Stew (not important enough to nail down one name) is finished, I ask if next time he could make the announcement by turning the speakers on.

Big smile again.

As I board the train, climb up from mid level pergatory to my top shelf perch, I notice the following sign:

At first I read this sign and think it says:

Isn’t it time you made more money for yourself?

How rude.

Why is this poster so judgemental?

There are other, more poignant questions it should be asking.

Isn’t it time for Trump to concede?

Isn’t it time for Go Transit to have one train, no stops, from Hamilton to Long Branch?

Isn’t it time for you, sign, to do some self-reflection?

Isn’t it time for hot dogs to be served on the train along with tacos?


Judgy McJudger sign has me fired up.

Then I realize my self-diagnosed dyslexia has kicked in and the sign actually says;

Isn’t it time your money made more of itself?

Well then. That’s much better. Now I can continue with my blog and not feel judged.

I think my money does quite well for itself.

If you look at the sofa Drew Carey pre Price is Right is napping on, it resembles the one I bought at a yard sale several years ago for twenty dollars.

Myself and several friends will confirm this couch gave us some of the best drunken sleeps of our lives.

Or maybe it was the alcohol. Semantics.

Proof that my money made more of itself.

Going back to Drew Carey (I have a mash up of both theme songs in my head now, great) He appears to be doing alright.

I’m slightly ashamed that I envy this man, as he appears to be able to sleep quite easily.

He’s taken proper post-drinking strategies and left a limb hanging off the bed.

If you can afford enough pizza to leave some for pets and vermin, your money has made more of itself.

The t-shirt also intrigues me:

I’m assuming Drew isn’t pregnant.

I’m hoping his stomach had been filled with beer, pizza, hot dogs and tacos.

If this belly represents all the poor yet delicious culinary choices made, then your money has made more of itself.

This part of the poster almost has me laughing out loud:

The couple testing out their cell phone ringers don’t notice.

If you’re lucky enough like me to have a job where you can find an open bag of marshmallows and convert them to office smores, you and your money are making more of itself.

Or s’more of itself.

Whatever suits your fancy.

As my stop approaches, I take one more look and feel reflective.

As this sign intends to promote investing your money for a better future, it affirms for me the importance of investing in yourself now.

Buy the shoes.

Take the trips.

Order dessert.

You only get once chance at life.

You can’t take your money with you, but you can use it to create lifelong memories.

Do that instead.



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