An Eastbound reflection on the Westbound Train

This morning was the day God’s bladder decided to erupt, and the result was it rained sideways, continuously, for several hours.

As I write this post, the rare homeward bound reflection, it’s still raining.

Homeward Bound.

I loved that movie.

Often considered by many critics the non-human version of Stand By Me, this movie was a coming of age film for three pets. It had comedy, suspense and a happy ending.

Ok, so I’m the only one who has said that.

I have a thing for older movies with dramatic train scenes.

This is my blog and I will make up things as I see fit.

You will continue to read it out of pity, intrigue, or fear that I might reference you.

I appreciate your loyalty.

Onward bound, I do believe my multiple personalities are appropriately reflected through the movie’s three stars; Sassy, Shadow and Chance.

Sassy, the cat is considered prissy.

I am whiny.

Shadow, the Golden Retriever is considered wise.

I am an all-knowing sage.

Chance, the American Bulldog is adventurous.

I may or may not have a criminal record.

I’m just joking.

No one can know everything.

That’s ignorant.

I smile at my self-awareness and hope that others could learn from my example.

Back to the weather report. I think the big guy should relieve himself more often, rather having a Marathon pee session for the entire day.

That’s just my two cents.

I believe we are all pawns in his game of chess.

I try to stop thinking this way because the last thing I want to do is piss him off.

He doesn’t need more incentive.

I’ve decided that I hate the rain.

It’s stupid.

I can’t think of anyone who drives better when it rains, and any type of precipitation becomes an instant headache for train commuters.

For some reason, the second there’s water on the tracks, there are delays.

Delays become inevitable.

Take for example, this morning.

It’s raining sideways and I’m already feeling miserable.

About 5 minutes out of the Hamilton station, the train stops.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are just waiting for a signal to proceed” is the mantra we hear whenever this disruption occurs.


Once we arrive at Oakville, about 5 minutes behind schedule, we realize that our connecting train is not there.

It left without most of its passengers.


Double Grr.

My options were as follows:

Wait 30 minutes for the next train headed towards work, or 12 minutes to call it a day and head back home.

I stared at the digital timetable in the bowels of the Oakville station, watching these options and becoming more miserable.

I choose to grab a coffee and ignore the urge to head home.

I’m one of the lucky ones that can honestly say work does not make me miserable.

Pleased with my choice, I treat myself to a coffee and two big cookies.

The kind of cookie that’s chewy in the middle. Almost raw. Which is how everyone should like them.

Feeling rejuvenated by my first pre-breakfast snack, I find a place to sit in my new train and look to enjoy my coffee.

I try to open it, and this happens:

Now the coffee is miserable too.

Triple Grr.

The Customer Service Ambassador comes on the PA; “Ladies and gentlemen. This is supposed to be your 7:35am eastbound train, but we don’t know what time we’re leaving the station. We don’t really know what happened.”

I suspect this CSA has aspirations to work for Trump’s campaign team.

With a few more minutes of delay, we finally do get to Long Branch.

And the streetcar is not there.

A few more minutes and I eventually get to work.

I feel less miserable as I realize a couple of things.

I’m really late for work…but at least I have a job.

I typically have a seamless commute…today is a rare exception.

I know there will be more food today…that prophecy rang true with birthday cake and Costco samples.

Take each day as it comes, and try not to be miserable.

You might just surprise yourself.


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