New & Improved

After a one day hiatus, this morning I return to my commute with a renewed sense of purpose.

November 1st officially brings me into my 12th month of commuting.

As self-proclaimed commuting royalty, there should be some type of formal recognition.

I like presents and pageantry, neither of which are waiting for me aboard today’s big green chariot.

Why is this place so stingy?

Even alcoholics get a pin.

I make a note to bring up the 11 month and one day commuting service award at our next staff meeting.

I realize bringing up an idea at a meeting conflicts with my preference towards being an elective mute.

I dismiss this idea.

I will celebrate in silence. Or, anytime someone says ah, umm or I’m not sure, I will make a donation towards a gift for Lidia.


Satisfied with my strategic problem solving abilities, I smile as the universe  appears to be correcting itself even more, as Steve has returned to his line of duty.


I couldn’t deal with the new guy.

I refused to learn his name, even though he announced it on a daily basis.

That has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not good at remembering names.

I walk past Steve and ignore him.

That’ll teach him for not partaking in idle chatter and assisting the older lady with her mobility device.

Can you believe the ignorance of some people?


As I board my big green chariot, I remember a text message I received from my brother in law on my last homeward Bound commute.

“Hey Lidia! Which train are you taking?”

If I’m commuting royalty, then this guy should be canonized.

He just recently celebrated 20 years commuting from Hamilton to downtown Toronto.

From the big smoke to the big stink.

The order doesn’t matter.

The fact checkers don’t care.

Typically, whenever someone asks me this question, I lie.

It saves idle chatter.

This time I do not.

My brother in law says he’s in the Cab Car and I should meet him.

Is the cab car the front or the back?!!

I take a stab.

“Cab” to me implies caboose.

Back of the train.

If you get into a taxi cab, you likely wouldn’t sit shotgun.

Because nothing related to commuting is logical, I go with my gut instinct and head towards the front.

As I make the schlep to the front, suddenly the theme song to “The Get Along Gang”  cartoon pops into my head.

I loved that show!

I even had the playset with the figurines and the Caboose.

Somehow, a porcupine, cat, lamb and moose riding the rails makes far more sense than not having a express train to Hamilton.

I digress.

I find my brother in law and I’m excited by his surroundings.

“What the hell is this?!!” I say, taking a look around.

“It’s one of their new cabins.” He says.

I feel likeit’s my duty to share all points of commuting amusement, which is why we ended up taking the following photos.

This train car is nice and shiny. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

The new floor even makes my shoes look shiny. Very cool.

I’m almost tempted to eat off the flooring. Then I realize that’s improper.

I should really only continue that practice at home.

Finally, the headrests have enough space to accommodate my ego.

I’d take that over free wifi any day.

Etiquette Guide placeholders. Conveniently located in a place that could create at least 3 of the published infractions.

Remember, be sure to be dead or in the process of dying to push that yellow strip!

This isn’t a new feature, but I find it amusing.

You can’t put a price on life.

Yes, you can.

Apparently it’s a thousand bucks.

In a Scandinavian “minimalist” approach, there’s very little in the way of advertisements.

Or maybe some taped on posters would rip the plywood wallpaper.

I consider bringing in some of my niece’s artwork to beautify the space, complete with the address.

The shiny bright lighting will ensure that my snoozing comrades will never sleep again.

Good. They really should be reading my blog, anyway.

Perhaps my favourite feature is the newly installed stripper poles:

I was always so bored of blogging, watching 80’s videos on YouTube and judging others.

No I can take a break from the action and hopefully make some tips in the process.

Hey, commuting is expensive!

Don’t judge.

Commuting royalty doesn’t come with wealth.

It comes with sarcasm, insight and a genuine sense of amusement.



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