Are Americans That Stupid?

This morning, I wake up to an alarming piece of news that warrants attention.

The US Presidential Election is extremely close.

Too close.

And there’s only 4 sleeps left until voting day.

As a proud Broadcast Journalism graduate, I can confirm that you really shouldn’t believe everything you see or hear during a newscast.

The news could be fabricated depending upon the time you had to make it up before your respective TV or radio package.

Back in the day, student news stories would be produced with a duly critical analysis.

The intensity of our newsroom headlines and hooks directly correlated to the shade of red CNN used for their terror alert of the hour.

I truly enjoyed studying Broadcast Journalism.
The program had many elements that appealed to my ego, in particular; public speaking, having a byline, being the centre of attention and writing.

I’m also naturally curious which always helped with interviewing.

Lots of transferable skills there.

I start to wonder if some of these concepts are the reason I enjoy having a blog.

At least during the Journalism days, people were forced to read my work.

Now people read my work because they want to.

I mull this over.

My reverie becomes interrupted by an older woman with 4 large items of luggage.

“Excuse me, do you know where platform 8 is? I’m headed to the airport.”

“Yes, its behind you, in between platforms 7 and 9.”

I smile at her.

Where did she think I thought she was going?

On a nature romp with Bear Grylls?

Instead of voicing this opinion, we end discussing her pending trip to Antigua. She’s staying there for two weeks because she needs at least 10 days to relax while on vacation.

I can totally relate.

Each morning, it takes me about 10 minutes at work to realize I need a two week holiday.

She wishes me well and I even help with her luggage.

Maybe I’m a decent person after all.

My wrist is now throbbing in pain.

Maybe I’m a moron.

I digress.

Or maybe I segue…

Speaking of morons, it’s hard to think that our friends next-door could elect a leader of the free world that reminds me of several childhood cartoon characters.

If you take the conspiring nature of Gargamel, the eloquence of Bam Bam and business acumen of Cyril Sneer, you have this election’s Republican Presidential nominee.

If you take the bad guy at the end of Scooby Doo, before they take off the mask and reveal the villain, you have the robotic, predictable stature of this election’s Democratic

Presidential nominee.

One can rock a pantsuit.

The other wears pants.

One wants to make America great again.

The other wants to keep America united.

One likes the colour orange.

The other is orange.

One has the personality of melba toast.

The other is a gooey, cheesy garlic bread.

Sometimes, the more interesting choice isn’t always the wisest.

And if you’re an American with a gluten allergy, then you’re really in trouble.



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  1. WISE WORDS! News has become entertainment, and the best entertainment is mostly fictionalized. Thank god I’m Canadian (though I hope we don’t get nuked by proxy should the Trumpkin start WW3)


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