Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

This morning, I wake up with a song stuck in my head that brings me back to earlier, simpler times.

Whenever the Glenn Medeiros ballad “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you” was played for brides and grooms in 1985, I can assure you, no one suspected the kind of impact it would have on this insightful commuter in 2016.

I can also assure you that most of these couples are no longer married.

“Until death do us part” replaced with ย “Until I want to harm you in your sleep but that’s illegal, so we may as well not live together” a more appropriate, albeit crass vow.

This song becomes my early morning mantra, as I recall hearing it for the first time in years at an unintentionally themed 80’s wedding a few weeks ago.

Here are some lyrics to refresh you:

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

You ought to know by now how much I love you

One thing you can be sure of

I’ll never ask for more than your love

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

You ought to know by now how much I love you

The world may change my whole life through but

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…

If you read those lyrics without wanting to sing them, I can assure you we shouldn’t be friends.

Truth be told, I often give my friends this same type of ultimatum, which is why I don’t have any.

I digress.

After that wedding, I listened to this song and many other 80’s power ballads on loop for several days.

Here’s a tip for working readers:

If you happen to work with angry, frustrating or annoying clientele or colleagues, while they’re still talking or screaming, sing “nothing’s gonna change my love for you…” out loud to them.

They will stop talking to you immediately.

They will run away.

Imitating the saxophone and instrumental part is a nice touch.

Last night, on the bus ride home from a fundraiser with some devout Catholics (don’t ask) one of the ladies decided to take the intiative and lead the bus in prayer and song.

For the entire ride.

She had a microphone.

There were many speakers.

If Gilbert Gottfried had a love child with Chris Tucker, that’s how her voice sounded.

Taking my own advice, I put my headphones on (a last minute addition to my purse, praise Jesus!) and listen to that Glenn Medeiros jam.

I have to say, she sounded a lot better with my saxophone accompaniment.

That’s the good news.

The thought occurs to me that maybe I should take the video footage, lay down some beats and make her famous.

That wouldn’t be very Catholic of me.

I decide against it.

Moving on, now I have this song, the original, one lodged in my mind.

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…

They are a select few people on this planet that I have unconditional love for.

They don’t respond to any of my tweets.


I mull this over.

If you take this song and make a single adjustment, you’d end up with something that could become my anthem.

Nothing’s gonna change my love for food…

There! That’s much better.

I really do have an unconditional love of food.

Food is the one thing that binds us together.
I love to cook as much as I love to eat.

Eating is an event. It brings joy. It unites us.

It’s rare that I’m not hungry.

It’s rare to find a good meal buddy.

Someone who likes the same food you do and can eat as much as you can.

Food is sacred to me.

I take offense when people want to eat slivers of things.

“That poor cake had to die so you could take a sample of it?!!”

When people won’t order food and watch me eat mine.

When people want to split appetizers.

When people who can’t make Kraft Dinner are highly critical of meals they’ve ordered.

I also find it amusing when people want to eat at an Italian restaurant.

Growing up in an Italian household, Italian food was the feature of the day. I’d rather go out and eat something less exotic.

Nothing’s gonna change my love for food…

Don’t let my love of food fool you–I’m not a foodie.

I feel quantity is as important as quality.

I’ll eat my hand if I’m hungry.

Yours too.

In fact, the reason I accepted the job I have now is because I researched all the food locations near the organization.

It had nothing to do with the location, people or challenging work.

Ok, that’s not true, but I’ve had some pretty good eats these past few months.

Seriously…you gotta eat here!

Glenn Medeiros would approve.



One thought on “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

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  1. How did I know this would be about food?

    “When people who canโ€™t make Kraft Dinner are highly critical of meals theyโ€™ve ordered.”


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