The baseball of politics 

This morning I wake up excited to experience what it feels like living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Just like all the great sci-fi movies.

Are we all still alive?

Is this an alternate universe?

Where are my tacos?

I forgot them at home.


The one time I want to bring my lunch to work!

Double grr.

Everything looks and feels normal, but something is different in the air.

I smell……stupidity.

Yes, that’s the scent and it’s coming from our neighbours in the south.

Donald Trump is the President elect for the United States of America.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I changed the channel before the election was called.

I couldn’t bear to watch this man, in body parts only, become the leader of the free world.

Instead, I fell asleep watching a classic game on the MLB network, hence the blog title and my mindset.

America screwed up. Huge.

As a parent, how do you wake up and tell your children that a bigot and a bully is going to run the country?

How is this ok?!?!

It’s unreal.

I’m disgusted.

When I went to bed last night, I became victim to false hope.

The kind of delusion that occurs when you watch a ball game.

Your team is down 6-0. A pinch hitter gets a 2 out single in the bottom of the 9th.

You wear your hat upside down, and do the clap….clap…clap…CLAP, CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!!!! (even at home) but that may not change the fact your team is down 6 runs.

I never realized what a stupid word clap was until writing this blog post.

Perhaps an attempt at onomatopoeia if you shout it.


I digress.

For a while.

The thought occurs to me that CLAP also rhymes with my favourite player Happ, so it can stay.

And, the only reason the pitcher served up at hit was because his hand slipped while trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious lady who sits behind home plate.

Every game, she sits there and judges all of us.

She’s our modern day Dr. Claw.

I mull over my potentially insightful analogy.

Politics and Baseball.

Comparing the game of baseball to the US election makes a lot of sense.

Election Day is like Opening Day.

There’s a buzz of excitement.



Before the first pitch, everyone is leading the division.

Before the first results, everyone is leading the polls.

If you get a hit on your first at bat, you’re batting a thousand for the season.

If you win the electoral votes from the first state, you’re winning the election.

Annoying, middle aged white males will provide election commentary on CNN.

Annoying, past his prime Gregg Zahn provides baseball commentary on Sportsnet.

Baseball can be considered a polarizing sport.

The presidential nominees have a similar effect on the county.

Some people hate baseball because they consider it boring.

Some people hate politics for the same reason.

Baseball players are given a wooden bat to use as an offensive weapon.

The new President is given access to some dangerously offensive weapons.

Baseball gained in popularity due to the media.

One cannot escape election news due to the media.

That’s where the similarities should end.

Baseball is considered America’s favourite pastime…something not to be taken seriously.

The results of the 2016 election have established a similar precedent.

It’s not amusing that a monster has been elected leader of the free world.

Someone who has cultivated a culture of fear and hysteria to win votes.

These results effect people’s livelihood.

Most of us expected a different result.

We all know what happens when we assume.

Baseball is the ultimate team sport.

Multiple components need to work seamlessly for a team to win the World Series.

The 2016 Election result reminds me of a batting cage at a juvenile sports complex.

One amateur, swinging for the fences, pretending to make an impact.

America, what have you done?


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