As advertised

This morning is crisp.


How do I like my Coffee?


Just like that tv commercial.

I love commercials.

Specifically ones from the 80’s and 90’s that have been etched in my brain.

I make a note to research 80’s commercials on YouTube today.

This penchant for programming filler started at an early age.

I’m reminded of a story from when I was baby Lidz.

I don’t recall (I was a baby, remember?) but apparently, when I was still in diapers and brimming with awesomeness potential, I used to cry and cry during tv shows and then be silently attentive during tv commercials.

Once they were over, I’d go back to my own original program, and torment/ annoy anyone trying to watch tv.

Let’s be clear. I was a very happy baby. I was cute (everyone loves a cutie pie) and I wasn’t calickly or anything like that.

Maybe I just knew what I liked.

Maybe I was annoyed that caregivers tried to do something that meant looking away from me.

Maybe I was too precocious for my own good, and recognized shoddy acting at an early age.

Thankfully I grew out of that.

Nowadays, I torment those same people in other ways.

I hold the remote.

If they don’t like anything that happens to be on tv, I kindly remind them of the 5 other tvs we have in our household and of course, the other ones located in their respective homes.

As I mull this over, I wonder why no one bothered to put Baby Lidz in front of a Jane Fonda or Sweating to the Oldies infomercial?

Maybe that would have been too much cardio for me.

I digress.

When I graduated from baby to older Lidz (give or take a few years) my love for commercials continued with Angela Bower, Advertising Executive at Wallace & Macquade.

She was quite the role model, even when she did get fired coming back from a season 3 trip to Mexico.

She started her own company.

The Bower Agency was very successful, in spite of personally having to manage a promiscuous mother, misguided teens and an overly ambitious housekeeper.

Roughly around that same time, my curiosity and interest in advertising was piqued when on Full House, Jesse and Joey created many radio jingles through their short lived JJ Advertising venture.

I never strayed far from advertising.

I was accepted into an Advertising program but opted for Journalism.

I think it was the right choice.

Just like advertisements, the news never goes out of style and happens to be everywhere.

It’s your own message that can be conveyed to a larger audience.

Much like blogging.

I mull something over.

If the congeniality of Jesse and Joey joined forces with the strategist of Angela Bower, they’d likely run quite the monopoly on all commercials.

JJ Bower Enterprises.

I kinda like the sound of that.

Typically I smile at my own wit, but that would require feeling in my face.






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