This? OR This?

This morning, I told myself I wasn’t going to blog on the way to work.

I had important matters to attend to, which might have kept my 3 followers craving what has become my daily November post.

You see, I was intent on doing online research for my next trip.

A series of unfortunate circumstances had me cancel the last cruise I booked which has resulted in a bunch of cruise credit.

So, I’m sitting here with a free trip that needs to be actualized.

Because the cruise credit will expire.

And especially because it’s getting cold.

I’m a fair weather commuter.

In a perfect world, I’d only commute on mild days.

And have Fridays off.

I smirk.

I promised myself when I started my new job, I’d take vacations and travel.

That’s not happened yet.

So, there I was, about to head to my usual perch, when I stop in my tracks (ha ha train puns give me the rails) and see this:


One of the lasting joys of my commuter lifestyle is when I come across new transit related propaganda.

“This” is a demonstrative determiner, used to describe a noun.

It’s a pet peeve of mine when writers fail to clearly define what the “this” is supposed to be.

I’m intrigued.

How someone can be such a stickler for proper grammar and create this blog is a juxtaposition of epic proportions.

I digress.

I intentionally didn’t crop the seat from the shot, because it photographs quite nicely.

I know what you’re thinking.

What’s this or this all about?!??

You could make several inferences based on this photo and our two stars.

Being old or young.

Dressed for Business or Business casual.

Developing a tension headache or vertigo.

Having one ear or two.

As the card says, some choices are obvious.

I prefer the French side:


Sounds way cooler en francais.

I suddenly have this urge to speak today in a horrific French accent.

Might not go so well during my workshop.


After further reviewing this postcard (and wondering why 2007 hasn’t asked for its revolutionary marketing technique back) I finally read the fine print.

The obvious choice pertains to how you choose to load this bad boy:

The Presto card is the GO Transit form of currency.

First off, it’s important to note, this card costs you $6 and does not come with free hot dogs or tacos.

You can add money to it and it can be used for public transit throughout many areas.

You can still use cash to buy tickets or tokens, but the presto card saves you money for frequent travel.

The choice this ad pertains to involves loading your Presto card online or at the station.

Let’s take a closer look at our friends and review.

This man’s name is Marcus.

Before we get to his tragic backstory, I’d like to hand it to GO.

Rarely does an organization promote an alternate way of conducting business by implying their current methods are antiquated.

Hey! We know this way sucks, but be sure to try this other way which may be mediocre at best! 

Marcus is unaware of this fact, as he waits in line to load his Presto card.

I don’t know Marcus, but there’s a strong possibility he’s going to be late for work.

This is because the lady in the front of the line is trying to pay in pennies.

This attempt at loading his card might be futile as I can say with confidence there’s no ticket booth #7.



Marcus will eventually make it to the office, to a job he hates, work overtime and take a later train home.

This man will be greeted by a wife who accuses him of having an affair, when all he’s trying to do is make extra money so the family can have a pool installed.

This is unfortunate.

This is Braydonne.

This name is already annoying, but his parents needed to screw up the spelling to be different and impress their yuppie friends during craft beer and board game night.

This child suffers many hardships, as his parents thought having a single child would be most responsible and he is also on a strict vegan diet.

He’s going to have several obscure allergies.

This child does not get much affection, as clearly indicated by the joy he obtains when this photo was taken after daddy twirled him out of the way so that he can drive to work.

He’s also going to be late for school because mommy is busy trying to load her presto card online.

This is also unfortunate.

So, if life’s only options were being this way like Marcus, or this way like Braydonne, the choice would be clear for me.

I’d buy a car and drive myself to work.



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