Where have all the good people gone? 

Happy New Year!

A new year means many new possibilities.

This morning, my first morning commute of 2017, I find that I have 12 days of bottled up and recently developed blogging material to use in this post.

This particular blog will set the proverbial stage for the year, intending to draw interest and intrigue.

To amuse, educate and/or entertain.

Or at the very least, make you snicker.

Or maybe make you feel depressed.

The direction is unclear.

Yes, I’m aware that some posts are better than others, but, like a bad sitcom, you’re kinda hooked.

I woke up thinking I might not be able to work today because I’ve been battling a nasty cold.

But then I realized it’s far more gratifying using unpaid days off when I’m well enough to do things.

Today I will just have to focus on infecting others.

But before that happens, I wake up with Sam Roberts’ tune, “Where have all the good people gone?” stuck in my head.

It’s a great Canadian rock anthem.

Here are some lyrics as a refresher:

Want to leave but I’ve got to stay

And I’m wondering more everyday

Montreal to Hong Kong

Where have all the good people gone?

Traffic jam but I’m on the shoulder

Took ten cops to pull me over

Bangkok to Babylon

Where have all the good people gone?

Sometimes when you actually read the lyrics, you get a different impression.

The role of Sam Roberts will now be played by OJ Simpson driving a white Ford Bronco down the LA expressway.

I digress.

At the exact time that millions of viewers tuned in to watch Mariah Carey pretend to sing, I feel very blessed to have celebrated the New Year listening to this song actually performed by the Sam Roberts band at Victoria Park in Niagara Falls.

This catchy tune begs the question,

Where have all the good people gone?

I mull this over.

A lot of them died in 2016.

And no, I’m not talking about celebrity deaths.

Real people you love have lost real people they loved.

People you actually know, people that actually give a damn about you have lost lost loved ones–spouses, family, friends,  neighbours, mentors, pets, and you lost a tv actor, songwriter and some other person you’ve never met.

May you feel shallow and stupid.

Even though I’m breathing funny, I’m not quite a monster.

When I hear of celebrities passing, it does affect me.

But then I hear the news and go on with my life without the actual people that should be in it.

Except for Leonard Cohen, I thought he was already dead.

True story.

So, the point is, if your big problem is mourning the loss of a celebrity, or finding some other way to tormet your little mind, then you my friend do not have real problems.

Your real friends are probably either too kind or horrified to point this out to you.

And on that light note; speaking of real problems, here are a couple that happened to me.

Exhibit A:

If it’s 6:06 and the 6:18 train has already left, does that mean the 6:48 is now a 7:00am departure? Or does that one not exist either?


I wanted to check my Presto card balance, here’s what I see:

I briefly consider buying myself a similar tarp because, this signage summarizes my various ailments quite nicely.

I go to the ticket counter to load my Presto card and my debit card doesn’t feel like working.

It takes a few times but it works!


Something is going right.

The 6:18 reappears for its actual departure and I’m thinking; things are looking up!

As I’m about to sit on my usual perch, I hear a popping sound from my left knee.

Something’s definitely not right.


I mean Grr.

That was supposed to be my good/ healthy side!

Double Grr.

Putting weight on it is a bit of an issue.

I’m suddenly reminded of a family volleyball game years ago, where my sister ended up breaking her right toe, and we encouraged her to keep playing and walk it off.

Great advice!

I’ll do the same thing.

So, this post has come full circle.

In answer to my earlier question;

Where have all the good people gone?

I’ll tell you where those people are.

They stayed in bed and went back to sleep.


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