Beware the West Wing…

This morning I had a hard time waking up. All cozy in bed, I’m pleased to say clothes are no longer barricading me.That was a problem for pesky 2016.

Today I was just being lazy.

I still wake up before an alarm, which is set because that’s what commuters do.

I seldom use it.

There are pros and cons to staying in bed.

If I stayed at home and called in tired, I’d be able to do things I enjoy; like eat, play games and watch 80’s videos on YouTube.

I mull this over.

Not much difference than work, but at least at work, I get paid.

There are many other things to do at work, like the actual work, but who wants to hear about them?

I awake and make the right choice.

I use one of my Jedi/commuter tricks.

The odd time I’m not able to get out of bed, I tell myself I have to get up and get ready because I’m on way to the airport.

It works like a pandora.

Right up until I get to the station and realize the place I am heading to is colder than where I am.

Wow, I’m a real precious flower of joy this morning!

I wonder if there’s a direct correlation to being moody, sleeping little and now going caffeine free.

I mull some more.


As I arrive at the station, I notice an extra bustle.

Today marks the first official day back to work for many with children.

Why kids have exponentially more time off than the parents that have to tolerate them makes little sense.

It’s likely to give the teachers a reprieve.

I smile at my astute observational skills.

I scan the station and my eyes fall on this particular area:

The Hamilton GO Station has a second floor that’s for staff only.

It kinda reminds me of the West Wing from Beauty and the Beast.

This floor is forbidden.

It is an area of the Hamilton GO commuter castle that is for the Beast, uh, I mean the staff and their eyes only.

I wonder what sorts of wonders this floor has.

The fact that I’m not allowed up there makes it more intriguing.

The fact that someone from up there likely created this sign has peaked my curiosity:

There’s something I’ve been meaning to confess to  you, my faithful readers for quite some time now.

It’s been weighing heavily on my mind since August 5, 2016.

In the spirit of having a better, happier 2017, I want to provide you with full disclosure.

I might be left handed but “Stairs up” is my all-time favourite direction.

Especially because if I take Stairs right, I’ll hit a wall.

Stairs up also appears to be left, so that works out.

The fact that this sign welcomes you to proceed, yet for staff only double intrigues me.

The next time I have my Horatio sunglasses handy, I will make it a point to conduct a second floor/Stairs up investigation.

Read about it in a future blog post:

“A Beast, a Belle and a trespassing violation”



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