Beware of Snow…

The next installment of the Lidz on the Go “Beware Week” involves a light discussion about snow. Or lack thereof.

Speaking of Snow, I might even tag this post based on Game of Thrones references to potentially increase readership.

Last night everyone was excited about the big snowstorm and potential cancellation of work.

The weather advisories kept rolling in, and, as fast as the forshadowed flurries, my coworkers talked about how nice it would be to have a day off.

Not one to brag, I actually enjoy my work and would never want a situation to occur where I couldn’t be there to be productive.

“It’s ok! I wasn’t planning on coming into work tomorrow, anyway!!!”

So unruly.


Maybe I shouldn’t put my direct quotes in writing.

Yesterday, I was reminded of a time when I was literally en route to work, and got a text from one of my coworkers that the school was closed and work was cancelled.

I flew out of my east bound train so fast, people could have mistaken me for a ninja.

I get that a lot.

I even brought in an Easter cake that day for coworkers to try.

They’ll never know what it tasted like because I was forced to eat all of it while making the long commute back home.

I digress.

Like everyone else who has a full time job and no children (that part is important) I silently prayed for a snow day so that I could get stuff done around the house.

There are fictional princesses that need to be saved.

Karaoke that needs to be sung.

Beer that needs to be consumed.

Maybe not in that order.

A snow day is the quintessential “Get out of Jail Free” pass.

Just like Monopoly.

I mull this over.

I actually enjoy playing Monopoly, but then I realized the only other people who like to play are annoying.

I smile at this comparison.

If I could somewhat modify a Monopoly board to represent my life, my home would be the modest and my most favourite property of Connecticut Avenue, a place where I wanted to live ever since the early days of  liking the colour blue and watching Who’s the Boss.

I take the Reading Railroad to work. That’s also been my favourite of the 4, ever since the early days watching Reading Rainbow.

Great! Now I have that song stuck in my head.

My current work would be Boardwalk.

It’s a beautiful campus, near water and, like the old Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, another one of my favourite childhood shows, property there likely doesn’t come cheap.

My former place of employment could easily be considered the highly sought after Baltic Avenue.

Let’s leave the description at that.

After a longer than usual digression, I return back to Snowgate.

For those still reading and wondering how I can segue with such poise, this is the atrocity of snow we woke up to in Hamilton this morning:

Sure, I can spin a good tale, but even I can’t make this snowfall or lack thereof sound excessive.

Growing up, I always wanted to live in North Tonawanda and Cheektowaga.

As my mom would watch her ABC soaps in the afternoons, and I’d play with my legos, figurines and Barbie torsos, the snow closures from these regions would frequently pop up on the tv screen in what appeared to be every winter day.

As a child, I wondered how people could survive with so much snow.

As a commuter, I wonder how people could survive without it.



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