Beware of Kansas City aka Southern Mexico

This morning I find myself in a particularly pleasant mood so I want to wish everyone a very Happy hump day!

I always hated that expression.

How us plebs can somehow make it through the daunting task of being an adult and having a job by cannonizing the halfway mark of the week’s end probably indicates the need for a new line of work.

Or maybe something that doesn’t have work on weekends.

When I think of the word “hump” I can assure you the first thing that comes to mind doesn’t involve the third day of the work week and the plateau reached on that day before a proverbial free fall towards the weekend.

As the name is supposed to imply.

We just stopped at Aldershot station and someone walked past and I could swear he was wearing Aqua Velva.

Ahhh….one of the bottled up scents from my youth.

I look up to see what kind of old man needs to be commuting at this time of the morning and realize it’s actually a guy in his mid 20’s.

I smile.

It definitely won’t be a hump day for him.

I digress.

When I walked past Steve earlier, he seemed to be enjoying Hump Day, for him it meant sitting feet up in the mid car, coffee in hand.

I resisted the urge to scream “Happy Hump Day!!!” because he might have spat out his coffee and that’s a waste of stimulants.

Thinking back, when I was unemployed, Hump Day didn’t exist.

Each day was an exciting adventure into the culinary world, cooking, baking and enjoying the company of fellow unemployed family members.

It was an upsetting circumstance that lead to a happy, peaceful time.

I really miss that.

I no longer fear unemployment like I used to.

In fact, at certain times, I would almost welcome it.

Losing a job will no longer be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

There could be worse things.

Take for example, the concept of having to ride the rails in this chariot:

Kansas City De Southern Mexico.

Even the graffiti looks confused.

Or constipated.

I can’t really tell.

In case anyone reads my blog for its educational value, I’ve done some research from the very informative and always correct Wikipedia:

Kansas City Southern de México (KCSM), formerly Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana (TFM), is the name of a company dedicated to freight transportation using rail in the northeastern part of Mexico.

The article goes on to mention how this train company connects Mexico City all the way to the Texas border.

Ah, I get it now.

Last time I checked, Texas is not connected to Kansas.

They’re not in Kansas anymore!


Based on my all knowing sage status, I deduce that Kansas City is known for barbecue, tornadoes and Bible Belt status.

Mexico City is known for its tacos, tequila and God fearing status.

Why couldn’t these two culinary giants join forces and offer free BBQ and tacos on the GO train?


Why would something from Mexico and something from Kansas appear near the Canadian border?

I mull this over.

It’s likely because Obama’s farewell speech was yesterday, and they escaped before the political hemorrhaging has begun.

Now that makes complete sense.


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