Burdened with glorious purpose 

This morning, as I’m about to board my big green chariot, I walk past a window and notice a lady putting on her makeup.

She’s doing an awesome job considering the uber unflattering lighting.

I can’t help myself but begin singing one of my favourite songs.

You might have heard of it before:

How much is that lady, in the window?

I wonder if she is for sale?

How much is that lady, in the window?

If I ask I will go to jail...

I wonder if she is actually doing a good job, or if she gets to the office and ends up being sent home because she looks pale.

Perhaps that’s her strategy.

Maybe that could be my strategy.

Last week, one of my lovely coworkers told me I looked sick…two days in a row.

I said “thanks!”


Isn’t that what the kids say?

It’s quite common for commuters to participate in pre-work rituals on the train, especially because this one leaves at ungodly hours.

Most of them sleep.

Some try to beautify themselves.

Some drink green wonder shakes in the hopes it will give them more energy and make them congenial. #fail

Some pretend to be reading Heather’s picks books and thinking I haven’t noticed it’s really a book cover with some type of harlequin romance or manga.

Others have their heads buried in a smartphone.

Me?  I am one of the smartphone people burdened with writing this blog.

I smile.

Burdened with glorious purpose.

I saw that on a t-shirt the other day.

I wonder what I would be doing if I didn’t have a blog?

I mull this over.

I would have too much time to think, which would make me upset.

As if on cue, I look up from my perch outside the window just as we pass the Burlington Mall.

It may sound silly, but that mall has a lot of significance for me.

When I was a junior Lidz, my mom took me there to meet Santa.

Even though we lived in Hamilton, and there were 5 malls, we needed to go to Burlington.


This wasn’t your ordinary Santa entrance.

Santa arrived in the north parking lot in a helicopter.
How cool is that?!!

Us kids and our annoying parents could see Santa fly in from the North Pole, trading in a sleigh for something much more modernized.


I’ll never forget the awesomeness of that moment.

I remember when he landed and all the kids, including myself cheered.

I also remember thinking how that little machine could fly through the air when Santa was so chubby?

Obviously it was magic.

It was a magical moment.

Since that day, I always loved helicopters.

In fact, a lot of my favourite shows growing up involved them.

Airwolf was definitely on that list.

When Murdoch flew choppers around on the A-team, I’d be in awe.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Magnum, P.I., which had the coolest helicopter ever.

Being orange, yellow and brown, it reminded of Reese’s Pieces.

I just now made the correlation between that chopper and my obsession with Reese products.


To this day, the helicopter dates on Bachelor are typically the most amusing.

Especially when some contestant gets abandoned in the middle of nowhere.


Is helicopter travel the most practical?


Are helicopters the most cool?


As my train ride is about to end, I wonder, what’s my glorious purpose?

John Tesh would ask in a few octaves lower;  “What’s your glorious purpose?”

Whatever it might be, if it makes you happy and isn’t illegal, I hope you pursue it.

Happy Monday!


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