Don’t feed the pigeons!

This morning it finally stopped raining men.


The pigeons that guard the entrance to the GO station must be happy.

Or maybe they made themselves scarce because of this new sign:

Don’t sprinkle your dandruff on the pigeons.

I’m not sure why that needs a warning.

I enjoy those pigeons.

Since the inception of this blog, we’ve had some intriguing conversations.

After showing my nephew this sign last night, he innocently asked;

“Hey Yee, why are those people peeing on the pigeons?!!”

I told him; “because it’s a cruel world we live in” then made a note to have his parents discuss with him human anatomy.

Typical gender role stereotypes.

The female provides nourishment to these rather intellectual beings while the male stands stupidly there like a thug.

I digress.

It’s no longer raining men but we’ve seen our fair share of it.

None of the ones that fell from the sky were tall, blonde, dark and lean.

I silently curse the Weather Girls for telling lies.


I mull this over.

I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone “leaner” than me for a couple of reasons.

#1 I’d feel empowered being the reason why people would say “Ever since Lidia, he really let himself go.”

There would be some innate satisfaction knowing that person was happier and had a better life without me.


I just made a correlation between my machiavellian tendencies and being single.

Could that be true?

Could this be the life altering revelation discovered on a stopped train?!!



#2 If a person is skinny, you can’t really trust them to cook anything.

Yes. That’s much better.

The Weather Girls.

I seem to recall those two looked like they knew how to eat!

I’d be friends with them.

If I don’t enjoy eating with you, I probably couldn’t be friends with you either.

If you’re a vegan, I probably couldn’t be friends with you because I would try to eat you.

That’s a true story.

I digress.

Back to the Weather Girls, I wonder; did they sing any other songs?!!

Were they a one hit wonder?

You’d think with “Weather” figuring prominently in their title, they’d always be necessary.

One quick search on the internet proves I was wrong.

Their first album in 1983 was called “Success.”

A tad presumptuous.

After looking up the album’s song titles, I realize the Weather Girls may have single-handedly regressed the feminist movement 20 years.

Here’s a look at their playlist:

1. Success (need to have a title track on there as a strong lead)

2. Hungry for Love

3. Dear Santa (bring me a man for Christmas)

4. Hope

5. It’s Raining Men

and, we can’t forget the classic;

6. I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair

I feel like song #6 is contradictory to the album’s purpose.

They spend approximately 29 minutes looking for love and then want to be rid of its remnants?

How ignorant.

I make a note to ask the pigeons their thoughts next time I see them.

I might pick up some dandruff shampoo for them first.



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