When one door closes…

This morning, Lidz on the Go makes a triumphant return back to the streets, er, tracks after at a two week hiatus.

We never did break up, we were just on a break.

Just like Ross and Rachel from Friends…at the series finale.

Where did I go?

Truthfully, I’ve been lost in my own thoughts, and watching some messed up 80’s music videos during my train ride into work.

Believe me when I say, there hasn’t been an alternate form of transit.

I just took some time.



As much as I enjoy watching Sister Wives, that doesn’t mean I’m a polygamist.

There can only be one big green chariot.

I say that in a hypocritical sense, because my travels this morning have me taking the early early train instead of my alleged 6:18.

Truth be told, I haven’t exactly been pining away for my blog, either.

Within these past few days, events have transpired that have me questioning both my personal and professional life.

Because I’m not a stupid human being, I’ve been pondering a multitude of things.

One of them is subject to interpretation.

Is my blog stupid?


I think back to starting my blog a few months back, and what it’s achieved for me.

Equal parts therapy, release, a time kill and musings.

I mull this over.

It can stay.

As long as there is commuting, there will be a Lidz on the Go.

As long as there is stupidity, the blog will continue.

I digress.

I walk inside the GO station and notice a confused looking man staring up at signage that bears a striking resemblance to my brother in law.

It IS my brother in law!

“Hey, Feline!!!” I use this pseudo name to maintain the secret of his identity.

He tells me he’s going on the 5:50am bus.

I part ways to make the ratchet 5:48 train.

We’re still chatting now as I write.

I hustle and make it aboard my early early train.

That’s a 5:48 train, for no apparent reason.

An entire minute to spare.


Now I will be 40 minutes early for work instead of 20.

Not once have I left early to compensate for my time.

Today might be the lucky occasion.

As I sit here, about to rant about something like the savage that I am, I notice it’s 5:52 and the train is not moving.
As if on command, the Customer Service Ambasssdor comes on;

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are having a door problem and will need to wait momentarily to proceed.”

I’m staring at a door and don’t notice anything peculiar:

That is until three seconds later:

These doors are possessed.

Every few seconds, opening and closing.

On their own.

It’s like they are in some type of protest.

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I took some time and waived my hands at the doors to feel a bit like Harry Potter.

And, because it’s the early early train, my lack of shame is at an all-time high.

So I start calling out spells.

Here are some of my favourites:

“Openus Dooris!!” door opens. I smirk at being so clever.

“Entrantum doorisaur!!” door opens. Hey, anytime I can incorporate dinosaurs into things is a win.

“Gimmie hot dogs and tacos!!!” door remains closed.

Shameful and eerily effective.

As the train leaves the station, I wonder if having issues with doors could be some analogy for life.

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Are there greater factors at play?

What kinds of doorways should I be opening and trying to push through?

Should I question everything, my morals, values and life?

I mull this over momentarily.


GO Transit needs to fix their goddamn doors.

Case, err, I mean doors closed.



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