The Silent Killer

This morning, as I saunter towards my big green chariot, I notice Fozzie is in a chattier than usual mood.

I want to say Steve, but the resemblance is now far too amusing.

You really should be reading all of my blog posts, because they’re almost sequential.

You’d think with a title like this one, I’m appealing to a broader audience of public offenders and hypochondriacs.

I digress.

Fozzie and I have a longer than usual conversation.

We discuss the new automated announcer (for context, think Siri meets a “premium rate” telephone operator) and the upcoming reading week.

I posed this question to my class yesterday;

“Do students on Reading Week actually read?”

I received a resounding “sometimes.”

I think back to my College student days, and all the reading I did during that time.

Reading summer job postings and drink menus simultaneously was likely not a good idea. #unemployable.

Back to our current conversation, we talk about cruising which always excites me.

Our conversation ends when someone wants to know “which of the two trains leaves at 6:18?”

The abandoned one or the one that has its doors open with people boarding and a Customer Service Ambassador standing out front of it.

Sometimes the struggle is real.

I digress.

And I board my train, the correct train, I stop dead in my tracks because of this sign:


I can’t think of a more uplifting thing to see as a prelude to my morning commute.

And, it’s not like it’s hiding on the top level, this poster is something you see almost immediately.

I mull this over.

I’m not one for being silent, and I hope to never be killed.

Especially by a man with a mullet, because that’s twice as offensive.

A deeper review of the text makes me realize this poster is not promoting a made for TV miniseries on the W network or Slice.

Mullet man is an attempt to personify Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

And here I was, thinking it was a movie!

I wonder if Blood Pressure is off somewhere, feeling left out as a former silent killer crown bearer of 2003.

The message itself is life threatening important, but I think they’ve missed the mark on approach.

This advertisement provides a good life lesson.

In life, sometimes a message doesn’t need all the proverbial smoke and mirrors to convey a point.

Say what you need to say and then say it.

Be direct.

Avoid being all cloak and dagger sketchy.

People will respect you more for it.

They might even understand what you’re trying to say.

And of course, don’t ever sport a mullet.

That could silently kill your social life.



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