Temporary Route Change

This morning I realize I’ve been awake for a few hours already, battling insomnia and a head cold.

I think of a meme I posted on my brother in law’s Facebook birthday event wall.

It’s an older looking man that says “Went to Bed last night. Woke up this morning” and he’s giving the thumbs up.

Perspective helps.

Well played, relic, well played.

I get to my semi-usual perch and realize my nemesis already took my spot.

We have this unspoken Cold War about that being both of our favourite place to sit.

We appear to be on the exact same route.

He probably likes the spot because it’s in the near back of the train and will make for the easiest train to train connection.

I like that spot because Brune seems to also like it there.

Today, as I climb up to my perch and see him parked, I do something unexpected.

I stop, turn and attempt to throw shade.

It ends up being a smirk.

He sorta smiles back.

In my mind, I say “I’ll get you next time, Gadget…next time!”

Out loud I say nothing and try not to notice his dimples.

Pretty seat stealer.

Brune is much better at throwing shade than I am.

She comes by it naturally, being of French Canadian descent.

I find a new perch and mull over the pros and cons of what a day like today may entail.

It’s Friday, the day every beaureaucratic  paper pusher observes with religious fervour.

Regardless of how much you love or hate your job, it ends for 2 days at 5 o clock.

Some heroes take work home with them, and they want everyone to know about it.

That’s not a sign of character, it’s a sign of inefficiency.

I consider creating this slogan for a t-shirt.

The day already brims with promise.

My mind wanders to the next steps I need to take to physically get to work.

It’s actually become a bit dangerous, largely in part to this situation;

Temporary Route Change.


What does it mean for our blogging hero?

The streetcar no longer runs where I need to catch it to get to my office.

I now take a bus which appears to be more efficient.

I thought maybe the urban planners realized what a waste of public transit a streetcar actually is, because, well, it’s not like they’re the only vehicles that use those lanes.

Clumsy, awkward and yes, nostalgic.

Such ingredients do not make for a speedy commute.

Prior to this “temporary” Route Change (this work will continue long after my latest contract) the moment the weather became cold, the shelter ended up closing for the season for adjustments and repairs:

Now it’s just a place to post TTC propaganda.

It’s important to note, actually getting to the buses from the train station can be considered dangerous.

Due to the lack of streetcar presence, one would assume there exists ample space for pedestrians:


One would assume keeping pedestrians on one side of the platform and buses on the other would make the most sense, yes?

Here’s what it looks like for a pedestrian:

That’s a photo I took after I walked the narrow path towards a forward facing bus.

This is the only way I can access the bus I need in the morning.

It’s dangerous and stupid.

Even a proper demo of that Shanty like shelter would provide more space.

God forbid someone slipped and fell, or a bus too took liberal of a turn.

I’m no urban planner, but the ramifications of Temporary Route Change  makes very little sense.

Is it change for the sake of change, or change for actual progress?

I mull this concept over.

Within the past months, I’ve observed changes and have unwillingly become a part of changes that I didn’t agree with.

Some I have no control over.

For example, I’m not American and couldn’t vote.

Others I did not agree with and was forced to be a part of.

Change for the alleged greater good, big picture, long term.

Rather than create a culture of contempt, I’ve abided by curveballs in the hopes that these route changes are indeed temporary.

How do you deal with Temporary Route Changes?

For me…I typically ignore or avoid them, blog about them, or pop an Advil and meet them head on.

If the change isn’t within your control, you sorta have to go with it.

In the words of Bob Ross, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.



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