The Original Go 

This morning, as I board my big green chariot, I notice it smells different than usual.

I’m excited about this observation because it means my sense of smell is returning and my head cold is going away.

I’m excited for about three seconds, then I realize the smell does not remind me of hotdogs or tacos.

Instead, I smell what reminds me of the first day you turn on your furnace for the season.


Could be better, could be worse.

Or maybe someone is having a BBQ and I just can’t find it.

I sit on my perch and realize my jacket is emanating the distinctive smell of wood chips, like a true outdoorsy type.

I feel accomplished with this scent.

I secretly hope someone with a wood chip allergy sits beside me.

I even remove Brune from her usual perch to entice fellow allergy prone commuters.

Why do I smell like I’ve tended to a fire?

Last Sunday, my family and I attended a Maple Festival at a heritage village in honour of my brother James’ birthday.

James loves maple syrup.

James is 49.

And a young 49 at that.

I’d say he looks about 47.

That’s a true story.

Fun times were had at the festival, taking many inappropriate photos and pretending to listen to the cultural interpreters.

I do recall one thing.

The difference between a Pioneer Village and a Heritage Village is that each focal point in a Heritage Village represents a different decade, whereas a Pioneer village maintains that specific time frame.

It’s the reason why one building had these:

Fresh out of a horror movie.

As my family and I trampled along the Village en masse, we came across yet another intriguing photo opportunity:

Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo RY.

I stare at the locomotive for quite some time, pronouncing this phrase slowly, as if each word was foreign to me.

I mull this over.

Where did I see this term before?

It hits me!

At the GO Station!

I’m so pleased with myself.

I stare at the train in wonderment.

“You Guys! Look!! It’s the original GO Train!!”

Without missing a beat, my fellow commuter relative looks over at the train and says “yeah, this one probably goes twice as fast!”

We chuckle at our hilarity.

Upon further investigation, we stumble across what my version of augmented reality decides is the original GO Train Station:

Most train delays are caused by door problems and this one is no exception.

I bet the employees are partaking in serious levels of tomfoolery back there.

Or they’re asleep.

This is how every Train Conductor looks like in my head.

Or at least how they should look like.

The fact that he’s firing up the Barbie for hot dogs is an added bonus.

The original multi-tasker, while Train guy is firing up the Barbie, he’s also assisting this young man otherwise known as my brother in law (turned husband for 3 hours to obtain a family discount) with directions.

Yes I watch the Sister Wives show and no we’re not like that.

A good thing our trusty Train Conductor is available to provide us with directions.

The single route with a single train without a bus and streetcar connection may confuse some people.

I love how the propaganda from the GO Station of yesteryear has been a catalyst for modern day media.

Joining the army now replaced with sleeping pill addiction studies.

I’m quite pleased with my jaunt into the Original GO Station.

I had always wondered what an old train station looked like.

Consider that commuter mystery closed….and I didn’t even need my Horatio sunglasses to solve it.

That’s a track!  Now I better “GO” to work.



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