Winter Storm Warning

This morning I wake up rather conflicted.

Is it 4:09am or 5:09am?

Meh, doesn’t matter. Either way it’s too early.

I, like millions of others before me, will continue to blame my general sense of apathy within the next few days on daylight savings time.

Having desperately craved the sunshine, us winter warriors finally gain an hour of daylight and now everyone becomes slightly stupid.

A series of events has me lined up waiting for the early train, not the early early train.

As anticipated, the train itself is on the platform, yet no one is allowed to board yet.




I smirk.


I’m about to ask the relic beside me why she wears her scarf outside of her jacket and how does that provide warmth when the train makes a groaning sound that I suspect regulars are accustomed to.

Onto the train we go.

I have slight hesistations.

Anytime I take a train other than my usual big green chariot, I feel like an adulteress.

I’m in a committed relationship with the 6:18.

He’s a Gemini. I’m an Aquarius.

He’s loyal. I’m loyal too.

He has multiple personalities.

I elect to ignore them.

We have our issues.

So too do all of my friends in committed relationships, and this bastard doesn’t get to talk back to me.

Based on these stipulations, I realize I’m doing ok.

I find a new perch to share my wonderful stories on and am about to decide where to start, when this muse pops up on screen:

Winter Storm Warning.

As someone who works for a living, I can assure you there’s no greater feeling than the potential to not have to work.

Especially on company dime.

Special Weather Statements are like stockings on Christmas morning.

Winter Storm Warnings are like presents, and Winter Storm In Effect is the crown jewel or diamond ring of the weather statement triumvirate.

There’s nothing like the threat of a winter storm to turn even the most aggressive of atheists into believers.

Side note; have you ever meet an atheist or a vegan that wasn’t aggressively obnoxious?

You have not.

How do I know?

Because within the first 30 seconds of meeting them, they always tell you.

I digress.

Most professionals, regardless of their trendy hipster beliefs and tendencies become meteorologists with the threat of snow looming.

I think back to a time at an old job, where it was almost Christmas break time and was myself and a coworker in the office.

The snow came down in a flurry.

You can smirk at my clever use there.

We had the “Manager of the day” come around and tell us we can leave now and only be docked half a day’s worth of pay.

I smiled sweetly and told her I’d rather wait a few minutes until the company officially closes that way I’m paid for my time.

Once she left, and she likely left to go home, my coworker and I proceeded to have a snowball fight outside until we received official word it was paid time to go home.

On company dime.

Winter Storm Warnings are exciting but typically don’t turn out.

I take them with a cautious optimism.

Last Friday afternoon, the power went out in our building.

I always have hope.

With the weekend rapidly approaching, rather than being sent home, we were given the alternative to go work somewhere else for the remainder of the day.

A proper Snow Day doesn’t come with these types of sanctions.

If the weather is bad, you go home and stay home.

As the good Lord intended.

Also, don’t be a Martyr and compromise your safety if you feel compelled to go into work.

I can assure you that more work will be there for you once you get back.

However, if the weather is bad, and you have to go into work, blame your apathy on daylight savings times.

After all, that gaining an hour of sunlight really screws up everything.

Safe travels.

Here’s hoping there’s no need for a blog tomorrow.



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