The Boys Of Summer

This morning, our blog’s protagonist returns to the big green chariot with an overwhelming sense of fervour.

For the past 36 hours, her beautiful hometown of Hamilton hosted quite the winter spectacle.

She was physically unable to get to work as snow ravished the city, closing transportation routes, malls and just about everything.


I was hoping people would read that  introductory section just like that one guy in Hollywood narrates all the movie trailers.

Think Cameron Diaz’ conscience in The Holiday.

Go ahead, give it a try.

It sounds way cooler.

Now back to the first person.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled to have to work from home.

The one thing that was working was the internet which makes this role a lot easier.

Isn’t it ironic…the only day of the year whereby elementary and secondary schools would have closed for a snow day occurred during March Break?

Don’t you think?

Ya, I really do think.

Oh great, now that Alanis Morisette song Ironic will be lodged in my think tank for the next little while.

It’s also ironic that all the scenarios from that chart topper of 1995 are not ironic…merely a combination of poor life choices preceded by bad luck.

I’m about to digress, then I realize some true dramatic irony.

What’s also ironic is that Alanis Morisette was likely unaware of the definition of irony while crafting this hit.

I’m sure she sleeps better than I do at night, using her millions of dollars from royalties to fluff her Sealy posturepedic pillows.




Now I digress.

I board my chariot, a random cab car du jour and see this glorious sign:

The Boys Of Summer Are Back!

I cannot help but see this sign and have a big smile.

Think of the Grinch, once he realizes he can destroy the Whos’ Christmas.

Typically, the only signage that excites me on the Go Train involves their unintentionally ironic etiquette posters, but here I can make an exception.

I’m easily excitable and impressionable.

I love loving things, especially Blue Jays baseball.

I can tell you when my affection for the team started…long before the ’92 World Series and ’91 pennant.

Damn you, Kirby Puckett!

I was a Jr. Lidz and accompanying my parents for a visit to the CIBC Bank.

It must have gone well, because there were all smiles and McDonald’s afterwards.

During our visit, Bank lady commented on how cute I was.

I still get that a lot.

Once the meeting was over, she gave me a small package that looked like a deck of playing cards.

It was a pack of baseball cards from the 1985 Blue Jays roster.

Jesse Barfield, Lloyd Moseby, George Bell…all of these people had their own card!

Each came with the CIBC logo.

Super cool.

I wanted my own card too.

From that point onward, with very little to go on, I decided I would enjoy the game of baseball.

It was and still is one of my favourite sports.

Of course, growing up in an Italian household, soccer is a cult like phenomenon, but baseball was the sport that became truly mine.

Baseball is polarizing. People either love it or hate it.

Kinda like me.

Note: If you hate me, I’m likely already plotting your demise.

And I’m a great actor so you don’t notice.

That is a true story.

I digress again.

Baseball really is the sport that truly everyone can enjoy.

It can be easily understood or critically analyzed.

It’s not ironic, but coincidental that I see this sign within hours of receiving my Blue Jays game tickets and getting the MLB network back on my tv.

It is ironic that these baseball related coincidences occur during the worst winter weather of the year.

It is also ironic that the alleged Boys Of Summer begin their training in February and if successful, will end up playing through October.

Who would have thought, it figures?
I know I did.



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